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Students encouraged each other to ‘believe in themselves’ on International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating

The 20th of October marked International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating and CCCU worked hard to encourage students to pledge against Contract Cheating.

The day aims to raise awareness about contract cheating and encourage students to stand against it.

Contract Cheating is where students pay someone to write their essay for them.

Companies online will prey on vulnerable students who might post about being stressed and then offer to write their essay for them, sometimes guaranteeing a first!

Ellie Martin

You can read our previous article which explains everything you need to know about contract cheating as well as aims for International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating here.

The article also explains the new Academic Integrity Policy that CCCU has recently introduced.

What did CCCU do to raise awareness?

Both the Canterbury and Medway campuses worked hard to spread awareness on contract cheating.

Ellie Martin, Advice and Representation Manager at Christ Church Students’ Union said the team were ‘out and about campus encouraging students to think about academic integrity’ and reminding them of the new academic integrity policy at CCCU.

The dangers of Contract Cheating are often overlooked by stressed students with deadlines fast approaching: “not only is a student not actually doing the learning themselves or earning their degree fairly, it could come back to haunt them in the future. They risk of being exposed as a cheat or being blackmailed, which can lead to loss of career and reputation in the future.”

How did the day go?

Ellie expressed that there was a great turn out with lots of interested and engaged students and staff.

Students left positive encouraging messages for others to believe in themselves and have strength to do the work and commit to their studies. We believe as a community here at Christ Church that integrity is important and we encourage all students to do the work themselves and, if they are struggling, to reach out to the university for support.

Ellie Martin

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