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CCSU Union Council Elections: Full list of candidates

Voting is underway to elect new members of the Union Council.

From now until the 4th of November, students will have the chance to have their say on who represents them in the upcoming year.

The Union Council is the decision-making body of the Students’ Union. They meet several times a year to discuss issues impacting students and can pass policies to affect what the union works on.

The council consists of twelve students elected from the entire student body, as well as twelve elected from existing democratic communities. Between them, they represent the diversity of students at the university, and are responsible for ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. Each member holds a specific role within the council.

Which posts are up for election?

There are currently twelve posts up for election for 2021/22.

  • The Union Council Chair is responsible for leading Union Council meetings and representing the interests of all students at CCCU.
  • The BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Officer is responsible for representing BAME students and campaigning on relevant issues.
  • The Black Students Officer represents black students at CCCU, and is responsible for campaigning and raising awareness of relevant issues.
  • The Environmental Officer represents the ethical and environmental concerns of students and participates in the union’s work on sustainability.
  • The Mature Students Officer focuses on issues that affect mature students.
  • The Medway Students Officer campaigns on behalf of students based at the Medway campus.
  • The Part-time Students Officer represents part-time students and ensures their needs are reflected by the activities of the union.
  • The Postgraduate Students Officer is responsible for representing students on postgraduate courses.
  • The Student Parents and Carers’ Officer represents students with caring responsibilities and campaigns on relevant issues.
  • The Women’s Officer represents the interests of women at CCCU and ensures these interests are reflected in the work of the union.
  • The Postgraduate Research Officer represents students on postgraduate research courses.
  • The Tunbridge Wells Students Officer campaigns on behalf of students at the Tunbridge Wells campus.

Who are the candidates?

Union Chair

Benjamin D’Montigny

The pandemic has been a highly stressful time for everyone, and it is my intention to help to guide the university back towards normality by putting the needs of students at the forefront. Societies, academia, and social life are all things that I intended to see back to the level where you expect them to be. I have achieved an extensive amount of things during my time so far, and it will be an honour and a privilege to be able to do so for the third year to ensure that all students receive the very best that Canterbury Christ Church has to offer.

Extract from CCSU manifesto

Tim Licence

A basic principle of any democratic body is transparency, this has sadly been lacking within our Student Union and Union Council. Too often students have been unaware of the role of the Union Council, when they meet and what they decide. […] National Union of Students run some fantastic campaigns which unfortunately have gone almost unnoticed at our university. As Union Council Chair I will help promote these campaigns and get our university involved in them. 

Extract from CCSU manifesto

Kazi Zahid

Environmental Officer

Maximus Benjamin Bernard Clinch

What I primarily want to do within this role is to: 1. Increase awareness and engagement of the student body regarding environmental and cultural events, both on and off-campus in Canterbury and Medway, 2. Highlight the other forms of sustainability to attempt to dispel the myth that sustainability is just ‘tree hugging’, 3. Work with, and build upon pre-existing sustainability projects within the university and Student Union, and 4. Promote and encourage people to take steps and be proud of their communities within the university and beyond.

Extract from CCSU manifesto

Nellie Harvey

From issues to actions is my motto; here is the importance of individual concerns and active strategies to cooperate in achieving fewer emissions of CO2. Practices and policies are important to improve environmental sustainability, as we face major problems, like pollution, global warming, waste disposal, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity. I consider it very important to face these facts and act accordingly within and from the University structure.

Extract from CCSU manifesto

Mature Students Officer

Tony Brimmicombe

I am running for the position of Mature Students officer because as a mature student I know we are underrepresented and need a voice to support mature students and be willing to bring issues that we as mature students have strong opinions on that may differ from the rest of the community.

Extract from CCSU manifesto

Postgraduate Students Officer

Anusree Vijayakumar

I have been a active volunteer from my school days & the experience i gained so far will be so grateful for each one of you. I have took part in various  leadership camps in institutional & national levels which made me capable of handling tasks in systematic & effective way for a wide group of students. I’m very social in nature so anyone can  approach me with out thinking twice. I can assure you help at apt time apt way you wish for. I am great listener which make any audience feel comfortable.

Extract from CCSU manifesto

Student Parents and Carers Officer

Francis Booker

I would like to be a voice for those who have made the decision to study and as your representative I would look to ensure greater support for those who have to manage studying and being a parent or carer. Whether that’s having to choose between attending a lecture or getting home to have dinner with your family, or struggling with being a single parent or carer, I want to think about how CCCU can make lives easier and what this University can do to help people in these positions and instigate change where needed.

Extract from CCSU manifesto

Women’s Officer

Megan Ann Foxen-Freeman

I will be making a safe space available either once a week or fortnightly for people to go to talk about what they would like to see change (this could be in person, over a zoom call or even over Instagram). I would also like to work with some local and national charities and campaigns to help promote causes. An example of this would be the Spiking incidents that are increasing daily. Due to this I would like to introduce a buddy system, to help make sure everyone gets home safe on a night out. 

Extract from CCSU manifesto

Postgraduate Research Students Officer

Amy Bromley

My aim in running for Postgraduate Research Officer is to ensure everyone transitioning to Postgraduate study is at ease and has the correct support needed from themselves. Postgraduate study can be stressful at times so I believe it is vital that students feel correctly supported. I also believe there should be more integration for Postgraduate students whether this be events on campus on or groups in which current students can chat and support each other. I am passionate about student experience and would love to see others opinions voiced! 

Extract from CCSU manifesto

To read each candidate’s full manifesto, please go to

The polls are now open and will close on Thursday 4th November 2021.

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