Is CCCU safe from Coronavirus? 40 new cases in two weeks

There have been 40 new cases reported on campus in the past two weeks, according to Canterbury Christ Church University.

Official CCCU Coronavirus statistics

This is a spike in recent infections and positive cases compared to previous weeks, and it begs the question ‘are students and staff safe on campus?’.

COVID-19 remains a prominent threat, not just on campus, but globally, with JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data showing an additional 31,982 new cases just a couple of days ago (08/11/2021).

CCCU Coronavirus cases may not seem as dire as national cases. However it is quite a spike compared to previous weeks where the University was only seeing an average of half a dozen cases a week.

Canterbury Christ Church University have been approached for comment and are yet to respond.

What is the university doing to deter the threat of COVID-19?

According to the CCCU website, the university says: “we continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation very closely, following advice from the Government, and Public Health England, as well as guidance from the Department for Education and Universities UK.”

There are also hand sanitising stations scattered around the campus, many of which are at the entrances and exits of the buildings.

Classrooms have many COVID precautions too with limits to how many people can be in classes and rooms, with windows being required to be open at all times to allow adequate ventilation and airflow.

You may have also seen people in hi-vis jackets popping into classrooms. These individuals are carrying out “ventilation assessments, in line with Health and Safety Executive guidance.” – According to the CCCU essential COVID-19 information.

NHS Test and Trace have also been implemented in designated areas.

Whilst mask wearing is no longer mandatory, the university does highly recommends the use of face coverings in and around the campus, especially in busy areas.

We would also encourage both staff and students to continue to carry face coverings and consider others near to them who may feel more comfortable if face coverings are worn – please respect each other’s wishes and space.

CCCU essential COVID-19 information.

Are the students of CCCU concerned about their safety on campus?

John is studying Professional Policing and is in his first year. He seemed unfazed by the rise in cases: “I haven’t heard of them, I didn’t know there was COVID on campus,” he said.

To be honest, it doesn’t bother me. If I get it, I get it – I’m double jabbed.

John – first year Professional Policing

Ritika is also a first year student, studying early childhood studies. When asked if she was concerned about the rise in cases, she told us: “I think we should maybe go back to online lessons.”

However she does believe the university has put in adequate COVID-19 measures, adding: “the uni is doing enough.”

She also thinks it is important to keep in bubbles, especially during ‘socials’.

What is the university advising you to do to keep yourself, and others, safe?

Link to the latest CCCU Coronavirus updates and advice

The university is urging any students or staff that are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or positive tests to stay away from campus and get in touch with relevant staff.

Students should test for Coronavirus before travelling back to campus if they have stayed away, taking two lateral flow tests, three to four days apart.

Anyone who has been offered a vaccination, whether it be first, second, or booster should get it to try and deter positive infections and stop the spread.

NHS Test and Trace QR codes are scattered in and around campus, the university urges students to check into these places when and wherever possible.

The university also encourages for students to meet and congregate outside wherever possible to maximize ventilation.

Despite social distancing not being mandatory, CCCU asks for everyone on campus to respect other peoples personal space, unless advised otherwise for certain activities

It is up to all of us to protect ourselves, our friends, our colleagues and the wider university community. Please keep being careful and considerate – so together we can help keep COVID out.

CCCU essential COVID-19 information

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