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REVIEW: ‘Back to the Future: The Musical’ – A superb West End experience

With an amazing cast and superb special effects, ‘Back to the Future: The Musical’ at The Adelphi is a real space-time continuum masterpiece!

The show, based on the groundbreaking 1985 film by the same name, is a 10/10 musical and theatrical adaptation that captures the audience through the captive acting, gleaming shower of LED and strobe lights that put the Oxford Circus Christmas lights just 5 minutes away to shame.

Best bits?

The DeLorean revving, smoking, crashing, even flying, was truly an immersive experience… You heard me right, flying! Towards the end of the show, the DeLorean lifts off the ground, flies into the crowd and spins upside down with Marty McFly (Olly Dobson) and Doc Brown (Roger Bart) still inside! Allowing them to wave to the audience through the windscreen – I have never seen anything like it.

This brings me on to the bewildering acting and choreography by the main cast and ensembles that left the crowd with the jaws locked open, especially the synchronicity of the dancing around the moving sets. It was truly impressive to witness and it seemed the crowd were clapping every 5 minutes at the performances.

Olly Dobson was especially impressive and showed clear talent and enthusiasm in his acting and dancing in his lead role with an emotional, comedic and musical performance! You can’t help but love the guy.

The music?

One of the highlighting numbers had to be the “Hill Valley High School Fight Song” where Biff (Aidan Cutler) and his goons really shone with a hilarious chase and fight scene around the set whilst performing a musical number with the rest of the cast and ensemble.

All of the musical numbers were astounding, especially in the second half, starting off with Doc’s quirky sci-fi number ’21st Century’.

And it wouldn’t be a Back to the Future musical without the iconic number ‘The Power of Love’, which was performed astoundingly by an amazing team of backflipping ensembles who left the audience stunned!

The visuals?

It was truly captive and astounding experience with whispers from other West End-goers around me saying how impressed they were with the visuals. A transparent screen in front of the stage allowed for amazing 3D acts such as a comedic scene of Doc Brown running up the iconic clock tower from the film, it felt as if you were looking into a giant 3D television.

The 1950s style sets were phenomenal and truly captured the scenes from the film. There were full structures of an American style diner, American style high school, even Doc Brown’s lab and the clock tower (just to name a few).

Final thoughts?

I truly struggle to fault this musical and can only describe it as a lovable musical for everyone – experienced West End-goers, first-time musical-goers, or simply just Back to the Future fans!

If you have not seen this musical, I urge you to. It has an outstanding cast and crew that have really captured and delivered the Back to the Future film in a musical.

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