Credit: Katie Owen

Shop Kilo: Vintage clothes sale in Canterbury

Vintage clothing sales are an amazing way to give a new life to old clothing.

Since the 1960’s vintage clothing, or as it was once called ‘antique garments’, have been a popular craze within the younger generations, especially those aged 16-24.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Shop Kilo’s vintage kilo sale in Canterbury, here’s everything you need to know about it…

Who is Shop Kilo?

Shop kilo is a ‘buy by weight’ vintage fashion market based within the UK.

The company has an online shop which works alongside their live kilo sales across the UK.

A kilo costs £20, but shoppers can buy individual items abs don’t have to buy a whole kilo.

Credit: Katie Owen

The event in Canterbury was very accommodating. It was in Canterbury’s Westgate Hall, just a quick five-minute walk from Canterbury West train station.

Signage for the sale was scattered en-route and shoppers could be seen with their kilo bags while talking about their experiences and purchases.

The entrance to the event was around the back of the hall, it was signposted well and a follow the crowd initiative was obvious.

Credit: Katie Owen

At the entrance of the event, shoppers are greeted by a friendly member of staff.

Guests are asked to fill out a tally chart to let the Shop Kilo team know where they found out about the event.

Instagram post from Shop Kilo

In the centre of the hall were two squares made up of eight rails and either side of the hall was lined with an uncountable amount of rails and tables, all full to the brim with vintage clothing and accessories.

The styles of clothing varied throughout the rails. A few of the eye-catching garments included kilts, graphic tees, denim shirts and fur coats.

The table that held the accessories was vintage gold. There were berets, flat caps and 00’s fashion bum bags.

Once shoppers have filled their bag, they head over to the weigh & pay area.

Whilst waiting in the queue, shoppers can relieved themselves of all the hangers they were carrying and put their items inside a large bag where they are collected.

The bag is then emptied into a large bucket that was placed on some industrial scales and guests can watch the weight come in.

Customers pay via card or Apple Pay and can then enjoy their new purchases!

Tilly Shakeshaft attended the Shop Kilo event in Canterbury. The 23-year-old stay at home mum travelled from her hometown in Margate to attend the event and was very pleased she attended.

“Its the first time i’ve been myself and i had an absolute blast, you get alot for your money. I found it over facebook yesterday, so im really glad I came”

Tilly Shakeshaft

What Covid-19 regulations were in place?

The Shop Kilo event had the basic Covid-19 regulations in place.

Face masks on were advised and hand sanitiser was available at the exit and entrance.

The room was ventilated and the team allows guests to enter and leave the hall as many times as they like to take a break from wearing their facemasks.

Credit: Katie Owen

My opinion

Overall I think that this event was an amazing way of reusing clothing and giving them more life.

I recommend that everyone should attend an event ran by Shop Kilo!

Keep an eye out on their social medias to see if they’ll be coming back to Canterbury.

We will be posting a video of our experience at the event soon with exclusive interviews!

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