Storm Eunice blows part of Ashford’s County Square shopping centre roof off leaving visitors ‘terrified’

County Square shopping centre in Ashford has been forced to close due to part of its roof being blown off by Storm Eunice.

Visitors inside the shopping centre at the time have been left feeling ‘shaken up’ after the incident.

Debris including glass and bricks from the damaged roof can be seen on Tufton Street and security staff are ensuring no-one enters the building.

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Lucy Currie was inside the shopping mall with her partner and daughter as the roof fell in. “(I) Was in Costa when the glass ceiling fell and smashed outside man cave,” she said.

“(We) got evacuated out very swiftly by security.”

She added that as far as she could see, no-one was hurt, but two boys had a very close call.

The 30-year-old said there were about 30 people inside at the time of the incident, and security staff responded very quickly to ensure everyone was evacuated safely.

“(It) Was terrifying but security reacted perfectly,” she said.

After evacuating, Miss Currie, and her family got a taxi home. She said she was shaken up, but is good now.

Miss Currie emphasised “the staff were very efficient.”

Pictures of the incident can be seen in this article from Kent Online.

Also in Ashford, part of the Pilgrim’s Hospice furniture shop’s windows have been smashed and blown off leaving glass on Wellesley Road.

Recently renovated Cineworld has also been damaged by the strong wind. Part of its video board has been torn off leaving cables dangling.

Ashford’s Designer Outlet announced their closure for today due to the storm and other businesses throughout the town are closing as a safety precaution.

Tweet from Kent Online

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Featured image credit: Chantal Weller

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