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SU Elections 2022: Who’s running?

It’s that time of year again where students get to decide who represents them.

We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with key dates, manifestos and the all important results.

Explainer on the elections from Christ Church Students’ Union

So, first things first, who’s in the running this year?

Union President

Dan Bichener

Re-running to be your Union President is Dan.

In his manifesto, Dan has said his experience being in the role this past year has been an ‘incredible experience’.

I want to build upon everything I’ve learnt and achieved this year to make next year even more successful.

Dan Bichener

If re-elected, Dan would like to:

  • Ensure all course reps receive training
  • Course reps get more incentives and create a separate course rep award event
  • Create more focus groups
  • And more…
Credit: Dan Bichener

To read Dan’s full manifesto click here.

Cristian Ciocan

If elected to be Union President, Cristian would like to focus on:

  • Social integration of every student no matter its color or nationality.
  • I will try to engage everyoane in our community, especially in the online space.
  • The most important thing is that I want to help the engagment of students in ONLINE STDUYING because a part of us, is still only doing online meetings.
  • And more…

Click here to read Cristian’s full manifesto.

President of Engagement and Sports

Jenni Jozsa

Jenni is a third-year HR management and business student.

Her main objectives if elected include:

  • Providing a space for students to make memories after everything being online for two years
  • Creating an engaging environment that’s accessible and open to all
  • Build a strong relationship with sports club committees
Credit: Jenni Jozsa

Read Jenni’s full manifesto here.

Storm Jeffery

Storm is a third-year music technology student.

If elected her objectives include:

  • Making sports more accessible for all
  • creating a Christ Church family
  • Focusing on student wellbeing
Credit: Storm Jeffery

Read Storm’s full manifesto here.

Max Elvin

Max is a Masters by Research student.

Max’s manifesto points include:

  • Expanding the Union’s engagement
  • Facilitate the continued rebuilding of Team Christ Church
  • Work closely with all elected Sabbatical Officers to ensure wellbeing opportunities are available
Credit: Max Elvin

Click here to read Max’s full manifesto.

President of Campaigns and Societies

Frankie McGregor

Frankie is currently our President of Community, Diversity and Inclusion.

Frankie said in this role she has achieved a lot and developed different skills which she hopes to use if elected for this role.

Next year I hope to use what I have learnt in order to fulfil the role of President (Campaigns and Societies).

Frankie McGregor

If elected for this role, Frankie would like to:

  • Work with the President of Community, Diversity and Inclusion to build up student networks
  • Continue to work with the LGBT+ community and the President of Community, Diversity on campaigns
  • Continue support on the Night Time Safety Campaign
  • And more…
Credit: Frankie McGregor

To read Frankie’s full manifesto click here.

President of Community, Diversity and Inclusion

Felcie Browne

Felcie is a third year English Language and Communications student.

I believe that everyone has a meaningful purpose that can positively impact their own lives and those around them. I believe that underrepresented groups have a unique take on our world and have the power to make positive change and impact to all of our lives. I am so grateful to have met all the inspiring individuals in my life so far that have allowed me to make a difference, I hope I can do the same at CCCU and continue grow along the way.

Felcie Browne

Click here to read Felcie’s full manifesto.

Credit: Felcie Browne

Tyler Williamson

I strongly believe the Students Union should represent the diverse community that is within our university. As someone who has been a part of the LGBT+ community since a teenager, it is at the heart of my ambition as your representative to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. To truly represent our Student Union and University as a diverse community, I want to help make a difference for all students.

Tyler Williamson
Credit: Tyler Williamson

Click here to read Tyler’s full manifesto.

Ines Abella Romero

Inés is a third-year student, doing combined honours in Sociology and Criminology.

I have been really involved in Christ Church Sports, specifically in Women’s Hockey; I have been part of committee for the past two years, as the social secretary, a position that has allowed me to not only get closer to my teammates but also to make everyone feel included and comfortable. I do believe I have the means and passion to fulfil this role and to make a difference.

Ines Abella Romero
Credit: Ines Abella Romero

Click here to read Ines’ full manifesto.

Jade Knight

Some of Jade’s key points in her manifesto include:

  • Working with wellbeing services to create more awareness for mental health within the university and student community, including Medway students and campus.
  • Create a positive link between wellbeing and sports, using sport as a way to promote positive mental health and wellbeing to all students at CCCU on and off campus.
  • And more…
Credit: Jade Knight

Click here to read Jade’s full manifesto.

Voting opens this Monday 7 March at 10am and closes on Thursday 10 March at 5pm.

Click here to vote!

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