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SU Elections: Your new presidents!

After 963 votes, not only will CCCU plant 1,000 trees, but we also have some new presidents for next academic year!

Here are the results from the SU elections 2022…

Union President

Dan Bichener has been re-elected as Union President!

“It’s finally nice to have the results announced and to get back in – it’s fantastic,” Dan said.

Dan said he will be taking on everything he has learnt from the past year in this role, and will continue putting students at the front of everything he does.

Credit: Kat Simmons

President of Campaigns and Societies

Frankie McGregor is set to be your new President of Campaigns and Societies.

After being your President of Community, Diversity and Inclusion for the past year, Frankie can’t wait to learn new skills in her this different role.

“I’m so excited to be working for the SU for another year in a completely different role as my position last year,” she said.

She added that her first job is going to be to reach out to societies and get them more involved with the SU after the struggles of Covid.

Credit: Kat Simmons

President of Engagement and Sport

Max Elvin has been announced as your new President of Engagement and Sport.

“It feels really really good,” he said.

“I’m kinda shaken a little bit, I was getting really nervous but it feels really good!”

Max wants to start his role by working to get sport more inclusive and engaging for everyone at the university. He also wants to bring more light to disability sport.

Credit: Kat Simmons

President of Community, Diversity and Inclusion

Ines Abella Romero has been elected to be your President of Community, Diversity and Inclusion.

“It feels really good,” Ines said.

“I was very nervous so it’s a big relief.”

Ines said her first job is going to be looking at the small things that can have a big impact. For example, throwing gum or a cigarette on the floor, eventually has a big and negative impact on the environment – and she wants to change this.

Credit: Kat Simmons

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