Taking Steps Opening night at Medway Little Theatre

After three weeks of rehearsals and careful planning, on October 6th Medway Little Theatre, a small theatre in Rochester, Kent, opened their doors and welcomed the public in to watch the very first showing of Alan Ayckbourn’s Play ‘Taking Steps’.

The director of the play, Michael Bath describes the play as ” an example of English humour, the humour of embarrassment, a satire on the English upper classes and the lower-class man who’s joined their ranks because he’s a self-made millionaire.

Sophie & Ian rehearsing Taking Steps – Photo credit: Brian Holmes

The play experiments with the stage area, having an attic, a lounge, a bedroom plus steps and a corridor, all on one stage. Although of course there are no steps – they’re just painted on a slope. So there you are, a play called Taking Steps that actually has no steps in it”

Sophie Payne, who plays Kitty in Taking Steps, described what opening night was like for her. “I was very excited. I wanted as many people to see the show as possible.

“We’ve all worked so hard to bring this play to life, which is quite a complex piece. We wanted people to enjoy viewing it as much as we have enjoyed working on it. Covid has prevented a lot of us from doing theatre and this was a brilliant way to get people out and about again.”

Brian & Fran rehearsing Taking Steps – Photo credit: Sophie Payne

Sophie’s description of the plot is “A solicitor stumbles in on a household when trying to help the family living there buy the house. The little complicated situations that take place behind closed doors happen all around him and he accidentally gets stuck in the middle of it all, wondering if he will escape it.

They are all taking steps to better their lives, but does it work out? Well, you’ll have to watch it to find the answer to that question!”

Taking Steps is showing until 15th October. However, Tickets are now sold out.

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