Oscars 2023 Predictions results

The big day has come and gone, with the dust settling on quite an interesting awards season. We had some surprises, cheeky slap references, a donkey and a cocaine bear. No I didn’t think I would be writing that sentence either.

On the whole, the predictions were pretty close, with only one flat out wrong, but with some alternate choices taking wins. If you missed these predictions, then you can find them here.

We are going to go through all of the winners, for ones that are 100% correct we will award a point, alternate choices get half a point and a wrong predictions gets naught. With that in mind, here we go.


Best animated feature – Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio- +1 Point

Bang on here, the film is a masterclass in stop motion and Guillermo Del Toro may in the future find himself at the forefront of this genre.

Best supporting actorKe Huy Quan– +1 Point

There was ever any doubt here. Quan’s award was assured by December and his speech was best of the night and incredibly deserved.

Best supporting actress – Jamie Lee Curtis- +1/2 Point

My first alternate choice and honestly I did not see this coming. I thought that Angela Bassett may sneak in, but beaten by Curtis’ momentum gathered from SAG. Her speech was amazing though and she retrospectively deserved.

Best documentary feature – Navalny- +1 Point

I was very confident going into this one, and I am very happy with the result. The film is powerful and timely, made even more so with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and having the Navalny family on stage made it a tear jerker.

Best live-action short – An Irish Goodbye- +1 Point

This, in all honesty, was my most confident correct prediction with the exception of Ke Huy Quan. The film is heartwarming and excellent and the Happy Birthday singing was touching

Best cinematography- All Quiet on the Western Front- +1 Point

All Quiet’s first win of the night and most obvious win, the film is gorgeous. James Friend, the cinematographer, is Kentish school boy, growing up just outside of Maidstone, so nice to see a bit of Kentish representation in Hollywood.

Best makeup and hair- The Whale- +1/2 Point

Although I had this as my alternate, I was talking myself into this winning. The tech behind the makeup on the whale is revolutionary, incorporating 3D tech in a brand new way, that I am not talented enough to wrap my head around, amazing win.

Best costume design- Black Panther: Wakanda Forever- +1 Point

What a win. What a woman. What a speech. First black woman to take two wins and after the tragic loss of her 101 year-old mother. My heart strings were pulled by one sentence: “Chadwick, take care of Mum

Goosebumps and tears, even now.

Best international filmBest cinematography- All Quiet on the Western Front- +1 Point

No doubt here, the film wouldn’t be able to take Best Picture, but had the momentum from BAFTA to go the distance here.

Best documentary short- The Elephant Whisperers- +1/2 Point

I may have cheated by giving myself half a point here, as I had all of the other choice as alternates behind Stranger at the Gate. But I did say it was close, so the half point remains.

Best animated short- The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse- +1 Point

Again, very confident here, winning everything and with the power of Apple’s marketing machine in the US, a very worthy winner.

Best production designAll Quiet on the Western Front- +1/2 Point

Never in a million years did I think Babylon would go home empty handed considering it’s other awards, a huge surprise if I am honest. All Quiet broke a stat that has stood for 10+ years and that could prove to be quite big going forward.

Best original score- All Quiet on the Western Front- +1 Point

John Williams will have to wait for Oscar number six, which is unfortunate but unsurprising. The score for All Quiet matches the atmosphere of the film so perfectly that it’s spot at the top didn’t seem likely to change.

Best visual effects- Avatar: The Way of Water- +1 Point

There was no way that anything would be able to topple Avatar here, as I said it wasn’t even close. The film is one of the prettiest things ever seen on screen and with a cost of 2 Billion dollars, it aught be to really.

Best original screenplay- Everything Everywhere All at Once- +1 Point

After it’s success at BAFTA and Golden Globes, I didn’t imagine Banshees not taking a single award and thought that it could sneak in. With the swing towards Everything Everywhere at SAG and WGA, this win seemed assured.

Best adapted screenplay- Women Talking- +1 Point

Well deserved win for Sarah Polley and Women Talking to thunderous applause. It didn’t seem likely that All Quiet could grab a win here especially after Women Talking won at the WGA.

Best sound- Top Gun: Maverick- +1 Point

The only win for Top Gun this year, with the legacy sequel loved by pretty much everyone, something referenced by host Jimmy Kimmel. Jet engines are cool, it’s hard to deny, therefore leap frogged into first place and stayed there.

Best original song- Naatu Naatu- +1 Point

Receiving a standing ovation from the audience and putting in one of the best Oscar performances ever, Naatu Naatu was amazing and fully deserving of its Oscar which will look good next it’s Golden Globe and it’s Critics Choice award.

Best editing- Everything Everywhere All at Once- No Points

My only completely incorrect prediction of the night! I had too much belief in a stat that has stood for a long time and went with a sensible second place option. Everything Everywhere was the best editing across the board this year and truly deserves this award, seems silly to put it into third place now.

Best director- The Daniels- +1 Point

There was no love lost for The Fabelmans and Steven Spielberg this year, with The Daniels taking top honours. Their direction of actors, love for the film and dealing with a modest budget proved unbeatable, especially after wins at DGAs.

Best actor- Brendan Fraser- +1 Point

Comeback done. Brenaissance completed. It was close with Austin Butler gaining traction after BAFTA. The Academy didn’t like Elvis though, and they loved Fraser. After his speech at SAG, Fraser placed the ball firmly in his court. Congratulations Brendan Fraser, what a performance, well deserved.

Best actress- Michelle Yeoh- +1 Point

With the adoration of Everything Everywhere, this race was very quickly becoming a formality. Winning at SAG and Critic’s Choice put her ahead of Blanchett. For a stellar career so far, Yeoh has finally secured an Oscar at the first time of asking as well.

Best picture- Everything Everywhere All at Once- +1 Point

This was always going to happen. It stormed into the lead and took home the most awards of the evening, considering it’s small budget, this film is impressive and will be remembered for a long time to come. Banshees and Elvis didn’t bear any fruit this year, and the other nominees were unlikely to even come close to dethroning Everything Everywhere.

So all in all, 20/23 Points which isn’t bad at all. Almost 90% correct which I’m pretty happy with. Hopefully I can do one better next year. Clearly this was the year to side with SAG rather than BAFTA but that could always swing the other way. With Dune: Part Two, Oppenheimer, Spiderman Across the Spiderverse and Napoleon are all early choices. We have got lots to look forward to next year and we can do this all again.

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