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Terms & conditions

UNIfied is a site run by volunteers to bring Canterbury Christ Church students all local and campus news, events, sports and features.

Any information on this site has been researched solely by the Unified team unless stated otherwise and by viewing the site you agree to our Term and Conditions laid out on this page.

UNIfied is editorially independent from Christ Church Students’ Union. We are run as a society within the union which is open for any Canterbury Christ Church student to join. The union do not have authority to tell UNIfied to publish or not to publish any content. The elected editor of UNIfied has the final say in publishing content.

UNIfied adhere to all journalistic laws and codes of conduct. We follow the NUJ code of conduct.

Site media and Copyright

You may not take any pictures of videos off this site unless agreed in writing with the Editor, Chantal Weller, on unified@ccsu.co.uk.

Any media on UNIfied has been created by our team unless stated otherwise. This includes but is not restricted to, pictures, videos, maps, graphics and sound recordings.

Copyright in the content of the site and UNIfied trademarks, logos and brands contained in the site belong to UNIfied.

Users are forbidden to permanently copy or store or in any way redistribute the contents of this site unless explicitly authorised to do so.

Comments and discussion

We want to encourage comments and discussion on the site but we will not stand for abuse of any kind.

Things we do not accept include:

Racial abuse
Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed by the Editor and may result in a person/persons being blocked.

Contacting us

Only inquiries about UNIfied will be responded to. Anything that doesn’t reference to this site will be ignored.

Third party links

Any websites linked to from this one are not covered by these Terms and Conditions and may be subject to their own T&C’s.

Complaints, recommendations or contributions

If you do have any complaints, recommendations or contributions to the site please contact Chantal Weller on unified@ccsu.co.uk

In the unlikely event that you do come across any inaccuracies on this site please report them to the above email address and they will be edited accordingly.

We will aim to respond to all relevant inquiries within five working days of receipt.

The complaints procedure as well as the Terms & Conditions may be changed or altered at any time.