#MyMorningAfter: The stigma around emergency contraception

A campaign called #MyMorningAfter has been launched to end the stigma surrounding emergency contraception.

ellaOne – the most effective morning after pill, has introduced the campaign to tackle the feelings of embarrassment and shame that many women feel when they are trying to get emergency contraception.

This summer, ellaOne found out that 57% of 863 women felt awkward or embarrassed when purchasing the morning after pill.

Other research shows that one in eight women would even go to another town to get emergency contraception to avoid bumping into anyone they know.

In a recent study be ellaOne, 46% of those surveyed had unprotected sex in the last year, but only 27% took Emergency Hormonal Contraception.

Emma Marsh, Brand Manager at ellaOne says: ”This is quite simply the most important campaign in ellaOne’s history.

”It’s 2018 and women should not feel judged or feel they have to justify their reasons for purchasing emergency contraception.

”We are on a mission to change this narrative. Helping to educate through our campaign hub, podcast series and weekly vox pops, we are providing a platform to all women to speak about their morning after experiences.

”It’s time to break the taboo.”

In September, the NHS was criticised for an advert which suggested that women should take the morning after pill if they didn’t want to give up lipstick and shoes, while men were warned to avoid ”baby traps” so they wouldn’t have to give up there video games.

ellaOne seeks to revise this stigma towards emergency contraception through their microsite – www.mymorningafter.co.uk, by spreading accurate information about how the morning after pill works and they hope to empower women to share their emergency contraception experiences.

They also will be introducing a new consultation card in pharmacies nationwide, followed by a digital version later this year, for women to share information discreetly and to make the purchase process less intimidating.

It’s time for women to reclaim the morning after. Join the conversation today.


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