8 adorable animal facts to brighten your day

These animal facts may be the sealiest thing you’ve ever heard, but we guarantee that they’ll make you smile even if you’re in a BAA-ad MOO-od. 

Rats and mice are actually ticklish.

It has been proven in a study in Ohio that when you tickle the bottom of a mouse or rats neck they make tiny little squeaks. This is their version of laughter.

Every cow has a best friend and they hang out every day.

When I say cows I don’t mean the nasty girls from your secondary school…

Researcher Krista McLennan discovered this when she saw that pairs of cows within a herd became stressed when they were separated.When a cow gets separated from it’s BFF it can impact the cow’s heart rate and may even affect how much milk they produce.

Sea otters hold hands when they go to sleep, so that they don’t drift apart.

Otters are known to hold hands in groups – called a raft – while they eat, sleep and rest, to prevent families losing each other. So if you ever see a sea otter drifting along on their own in the morning, you know that they are a bit too much of a shuffler.

Dogs can be identified by their nose print.

Like humans being identified by their fingerprint, dogs have completely individual nose prints. A Few places in the United States have already adopted dog nose printing as a common way of identifying lost dogs.

When a baby Koala (joey) is born  is the same size as a large jelly bean.

Yes! When a baby Koala is born is is the same size as a jellybean and weighs about half a gram. It then makes its way to its mums pouch and develops sight, sound and fur.

Dolphins call each other by name.

In the wild, bottlenose dolphins use different squeaks to call each other by name. They are the only other species recorded other than humans that can do this.

Squirrels use their tails as umbrella.

The big beautiful bushy tails that squirrels have are not only used for decoration, they are used for a number of things, one of which being an umbrella from the snow and the rain.

 Penguins only have one mate for life.

Penguins stay with the same partner for their whole life! And some breeds of penguin even propose, by finding the nicest rock or pebble that they can find and giving it to their partner.

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